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When the Scala compiler doesn't help

May 2, 2017 scala

Much of Scala’s power comes from its flexibility and generality as a language. You can mold it quite extensively to suit your particular problem domain or coding style.

The downside of this is that Scala can sometimes be permissive and accommodating to a fault. You often hear Haskell or F# users attest to a sense of “if it compiles, it works” – in my experience this is not generally the case with Scala.

To illustrate this point, let’s walk through a few examples, all of which are distilled from honest-to-goodness I-swear-I’m-not-making-this-up bugs my team or I have encountered.

1Poshword - PowerShell client for 1Password

Sep 12, 2016 powershell

I’m happy to publicize a little project I’ve been working on recently: 1Poshword, a PowerShell client for the 1Password password manager. Code is available at https://github.com/latkin/1poshword.

Better TeX math typesetting in Hugo

Aug 7, 2016 math blog web hugo

There is a page in the Hugo documentation that describes how to use MathJax to embed nicely-typeset mathematics in one’s Hugo-generated site.

For my own site, I took this as a starting point and made a few improvements. Here’s how I do the math typesetting in this blog.

Curious behavior when de-duplicating a collection in PowerShell

Aug 2, 2016 powershell performance bug

This is a bug/curiosity in PowerShell that I stumbled upon a few years ago, but never wrote up. The behavior hasn’t changed significantly in the intervening verions, so now I’m finally getting around to a quick blog post.

Git for Windows accidentally creates NTFS alternate data streams

Jul 20, 2016 git neat windows bug

As part of the small minority of devs at my company who primarily run Windows, I’m accustomed to working around occasional Unix-specific behaviors in our build and deployment systems. Cygwin makes most stuff just work, I can fix simple incompatibilities myself, and as a last resort I can always boot into OSX for a while if needed.

One oddity that took me quite some time to diagnose, though, was Git’s strange behavior when dealing with files in our repo whose names contained a colon.